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Brazilian Fish Stew

I saw this recipe just a few days ago on one of my favorite recipe sites.  I read the ingredients and thought it sound more like a Thai dish...and Thai is my absolute favorite cuisine of all time!  So I had to try it and I had to try it soon.  I had most of the ingredients at home (I always have a big bag of tilapia filets in the freezer), but I had to make a quick run to the store for fresh cilantro and I'd run out of coconut milk.  Of course I made some tweaks to the recipe but they are only minor.  The kids loved it and my hubby (who can get iffy about fish dishes) loved it so much he made me promise to make it again real soon!  I think next time I'll add some shrimp to the stew.  I served this dish over brown rice...it's delicious!

You will need:

6 tbsp. lime juice
2 tbsp. ground cumin
2 tbsp. paprika
4 tsp. garlic, minced
2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. black pepper
3 lbs. tilapia filets, cut into chunks
4 tbsp. coconut oil
2 large onions, chopped
2 large bell peppers, cut into medium chunks
2-16 oz. cans diced tomatoes, drained
2-16 oz. cans coconut milk
1 bunch fresh cilantro, chopped

  1. In a large bowl, combine lime juice and all spices (cumin, paprika, garlic, salt, pepper).  Mix well.
  2. Add tilapia to mixture and toss well.
  3. Cover and refrigerate tilapia for at least 20 minutes (marinate overnight for added flavor).
  4. In a dutch oven or large pot, heat coconut oil on medium-high heat.
  5. Add onions to pot and cook until translucent (about 2-3 minutes).
  6. Add bell peppers to pot and cook until tender (about 2 minutes).
  7. Add tilapia mixture to pot.  Top with diced tomatoes.
  8. Pour coconut milk over the mixture, then top with cilantro. 
  9. Reduce heat to medium. Cover pot and let simmer about 20-30 minutes until tilapia is cooked through.

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